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Re-engineer Your Body & Mind

Many of us set our goals for 2017, but how are we actually going to achieve our goals for this year?   I’ve come up with a process I call re-engineering of your body and mind which may help.  It’s 4 steps.

Once you’ve got a sense of what your end goal looks like such as losing weight, getting fit, wearing a special dress, running a marathon – it could be anything, you are ready to start to build a pattern of action that works in the direction of achieving your goal.  That pattern of action triggers Momentum – that’s Step 1.

Once we’ve got momentum, you need repetition.  So if you need to go to the gym or run 3 times a week to achieve your goal, you need to start doing it.   Repetition is a powerful thing – that’s Step 2.  It’s so powerful because once you’ve embodied repetition, it becomes a Habit – Step 3.

The best thing about reaching Step 3, is that habits tend to become autopilot.  They are no longer something we think about consciously.  We just do it. It’s embedded within us.

To get to this stage has already taken an awful lot of hard work, commitment and passion on your behalf.  That is huge.  I believe that it’s really important we are not too rigid in our expectations at this stage.  If we are a little flexible, we are less likely to set ourselves up for failure.  For example, be wary of promises of having a brand new beach body in 21 days and such like offers because if we think this is realistic –  and, in my experience, these things rarely are – we start to get frustrated when we don’t achieve them.  We start to feel like we are a failure because after 21 days we don’t feel we’ve achieved that massive goal.   Once that happens, we can get demotivated and the goal disappears into just another dream we once had.

So we definitely do not want this to happen.  Don’t beat yourself up if things do not go exactly as planned.  See it as an experiment, a way of trying out what works for you.

The final step, number 4, is Results.  Once you’ve got into a habit, the results will come.   Once we get results, our whole mindset changes and we start to feel confident.   Whatever your initial goal was, your confidence is going to soar at the achievement of real results.   When you’ve got the confidence, you are on your road to personal success.

To recap – The 4 Step Process: Momentum, Repetition, Habit, Results = Confidence & Success.

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