Come visit me at the London studio for a range of 1:1 training sessions, group classes and workshops. Here’s what’s happening this year.


Classes and One-to-One Sessions at Create+

I regularly teach classes and one-to-one sessions at the Create+ studio in Wimbledon, London.

Classes with me are available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Private Sessions: by appointment only

Email me to find out my availability. I’d love to hear from you.

Workshops at Create+

Feet – From the Ground Up

Participant Feedback

“An interesting and instructive afternoon”

“I will never look at my feet the same way again!”

“I loved it – so much more succinct than other anatomy courses I’ve attended”

Course description:

Examine how the feet really impact the movement in the rest of the body. This three-hour practical workshop is ideal for anyone who loves to move, wants to understand their body, wants to alleviate pain and function in a more optimal way every day. Teachers, therapists, practitioners and enthusiasts are welcome. We will cover:

  • Easy to understand anatomy of the foot
  • Why the foot is so important to your posture
  • Gait patterns
  • One-hour standing Pilates class
  • Exercise discussion and analysis

Dates. Saturday, 1st July 2017, 2pm – 5pm
Location: Create+ studio in Wimbledon, London.


As a Pilates Rehabilitation and Back care specialist, I have worked in the field of pain management for many years. I have worked with clients to alleviate, manage and eliminate back pain in some cases.

This 3 hour workshop is ideal for clients, teachers and therapists looking to understand and manage back pain.


  • Causes of back pain and simple anatomy
  • A whole body approach to understanding back pain
  • Exercises to alleviate back pain
  • A back care programme to strengthen the body to prevent back pain
  • Take control of your pain, understand triggers
  •  Knowledge on pain management for the future

Date: TBC

Venue: Create+, Wimbledon London.

“Having suffered with debilitating back pain for a number of years, psychologically I was afraid to move.  Through Jeannie’s teaching I am now able to move freely without pain and have regained my confidence and enjoyment of movement. It’s been life changing!”

Jo, London

Strengthen Your
Hypermobile Core

with Pilates

For many people, hypermobility is not just about having lax joints. It can be painful, debilitating and frustrating.

“Being hypermobile, I have suffered pain and injury all my life. It is only through Pilates with Jeannie that I have come to know a life that is physically pain free”. – Sarah, Surrey

I am delighted to present this 3 hour workshop designed for those hypermobile and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and teachers who work in this field and wish to gain a deeper understanding of how to work in this area. This course will

  • Examine what it is like to live with hypermobility
  • Focus on 6 essential areas for a hypermobile body
  • Share an effective and safe exercise programme
  • Empower you to feel confident in building strength and resilience.

Date: TBC

Location: Create+ Studio, Wimbledon, London