Yes to Self-Care! Be A Little Selfish

Give yourself (or your pet) a big hug. You’re doing great.

I have a question. How do you look after yourself when things get challenging? I ask because self-care was not something I used to do, certainly not regularly. One thing that lockdown has given me is a new focus on what’s important. Taking care of myself has definitely risen up the agenda.

Home exercise has never been easier

I hope you are safe and well during these unusual, challenging times.

I have been thinking of ways I could help to keep you active and enjoying movement safely at home. I am sure your regular exercise activities and classes are closed. Where do we turn for reliable, safe and effective information for chronic pain or hypermobility issues?

My gift to you in these unprecedented times

Keep Moving with me for free – in your own home. These are unprecedented times. Who would have thought we would be living in almost total isolation. Our gyms, Pilates classes and physiotherapy clinics are closing until further notice. And yet, we know that we need to keep moving.

Subluxation is a Real Pain in the Joint

And other surrounding tissues! If you’ve ever had a joint sublux or dislocate, you will know how painful this can be. In this article I’m going to share my thoughts on this complex issue that so often impacts the lives of people living with hypermobility or a connective tissue disorder like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I am also sharing my practical approach on how to prevent subluxation. This is based on my personal experience and feedback from my hypermobile clients.

What Does Zebrastrong Mean To You?

What does zebrastrong mean to you? I remember a time when the thought of moving and living pain-free was just a thought. I was in pain, fearful of movement and frustrated at trying many options without success.