Patricia Massey Welter of Suncoast Pilates & Personal Training Studio

It’s a New Year. What’s your message?

Social media is a powerful medium.  You can literally make contact with people all around the world.  What message is it you want the world to receive?

I met Patricia Massey Welter of Suncoast Pilates & Personal Training Studio, Tampa Bay, Florida via social media. Through social media you can identify like minded people, connect with them even if they are based across the other side of the world and if you are lucky, you may even meet up one day. So this day came for me on 18 December 2015. I was in Florida attending a course and took a detour up to Tampa Bay to visit my virtual friend.

I spent a couple of hours with Patricia enjoying being taught and learning from this amazing teacher. Having used Pilates herself to overcome a stroke, I knew long before I met her that this was someone I would be deeply inspired by.

Like most of us, I am truly inspired and motivated by the real stories of others – those who overcame adversity to achieve their dreams, those who make a success of their lives rather than settling for whatever life gives them. Those who realise life has no limits and will push through to achieve.

Patricia communicates her passion and talent through social media in a subtle way but her true passion shines through without a doubt.  I guess this is why I was so keen to meet with her.  I often wonder what message a large portion of the Pilates world wants to communicate by posting images in tight Lycra, bikinis and assuming challenging poses that show off the perfect body on social media. Is it to show how beautiful or talented the teacher is? Or is the aim hoping to inspire others to be as beautiful and talented as the Pilates teacher? Is that what Pilates has become at some level? Is that what the media has brainwashed us to believe? That we have to ‘work it’ to achieve or deliver our message? Isn’t there a deeper meaning to be had from this amazing method that changes peoples lives?

I guess the question we should ask ourselves is what is our message? What do we want to share with the world via social media and other forms of advertising? I always ask myself – what can others learn from this post? I want to educate – that is my passion. In order to educate, I need to be clear of my purpose. My purpose is to share as much of my knowledge with as many who will listen. Whether that be through my blog, by sharing articles of other professionals or inspiring quotes, I hope my passion for helping others shines through. In the studio, through Pilates and movement therapy, I hope to inspire others to see beyond their limitations – whether that be fear of movement or the desire to achieve their own dream of running a marathon, playing tennis again or a simple pleasure of tending their garden without enduring back pain for days afterwards.

Every teacher is different, every teacher has a different message. By finding a teacher who shares or understands your dreams, passions and aspirations, you will discover your own limitless potential. What could you be able to find? I hope you find that ‘one’ teacher you have an affinity with to take you on this journey. It’s your journey – enjoy every step journey!

Happy New Year!

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