My One Year Transformation – Illness to Wellness

Facebook reminded me that one year ago I was admitted to hospital with my third bout of pneumonia.  It was a sad depressing day, I cried for most of it. It was the day we were due to fly on holiday to ski as a family. On top of feeling ill and exhausted, I felt guilty for ruining a family holiday.

That was a turning point in my life. I took immediate action from my hospital bed and started ordering books on sugar-free diets, plant-based diets and the latest scientific research on how we should be eating and living. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t have a bad diet or so I thought. I didn’t eat ready meals or sweets, I exercised with Pilates almost every day. I wasn’t doing any of the obvious poor health inducing activities – eating highly processed foods, smoking, drinking, coach potato living. But I was convinced the food I was eating was somehow causing inflammation, including my lung tissue.  What I have since discovered was that my gluten-free diet which had helped with many ailments was a contributor. Little did I know gluten-free was the new fat-free! Foods were packed with sugar and gluten substitutes which were not only fattening but inflammatory.  Out they went.

One year on, feeling amazing, strong, younger and fitter, we returned to ski as a family.  Not only have my lungs survived winter so far, my body felt so resilient and strong. While others complained of aching muscles and burning quads, I felt like I was working appropriately. The new lifestyle not only reduced inflammation in the lung tissue but joints and soft tissue too. My body is more toned and pockets of fat around my hips, butt and thighs have disappeared.

It convinces me yet further that movement needs partners. I am a strong advocate of Pilates and movement therapy, but that alone will not help us lose weight, reduce inflammation and increase prevention of illness. We need to consider how our body systems interrelate – we need good nutrition, limited stress and the ability to control our mind-set and we need the opportunity to recharge and heal during the night. Find a balance, listen to your body and the natural healing and regulation can kick in.

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