Back Pain

You may not have hypermobility but still have back pain. I trained as a back pain specialist in 2009 and have worked with many back pain patients over the years who do not have hypermobility. You can have back pain for any number of reasons and my Integral Movement Method (IMM) can help you too. The IMM is an evidence-based proven method backed by scientific research. Qualitative data from the recent IMM research project reports reduction in back pain and improved functionality making the IMM an exciting and novel way to approach back pain.

If you fear that your back pain will never get better, that there’s something else wrong or that surgery is the only option, I really understand. There are many, many reasons for back pain. It can stem from injury, illness or surgery. It can be life-style, posture or stress related. Chronic pain is complex and if nothing has worked for you in the past it can feel like nothing ever will work in the future. It’s what led me to create IMM and my 12-week Moovlite program. The IMM is a method you can try now, today, whatever your level of pain. It works because we combine movement therapy with neuroscience, relaxing the body before we attempt to strengthen it. This scientifically approved approach has worked for the many patients and clients who I’ve worked with in my clinic and who have downloaded my course online. It can work for you.

Reframe — a 12-week online program

A traditional pain-management approach pushes you to build strength and stability. What if you have back pain, but not hypermobility? As a back pain specialist, I can help. But if your muscles are already tight and fatigued, this is going to backfire. That’s why the Integral Movement Method starts with the nervous system. Over this 12-week course, we’ll encourage relaxation and softness before moving onto strengthening. This combination of movement therapy and neuroscience has a strong scientific base. But more than that, it works. In addition to the clients and patients who have benefited from IMM, I have rehabilitated myself and no longer have chronic pain.

Moovlite has been great for managing and healing my intermittent low back pain to keep things relaxed and mobile while building the muscles I need to handle all the lifts of life with a toddler. And it’s helped me to calm my mind at the same time, which has been a big help when time for self-care is at a premium.

Andy, Moovlite User

From the first time I tried Moovlite my back improved! It was amazing! Simply allowing the body to slowly connect back into itself works! I used to struggle constantly with back problems, yet now I find a simple 30 minutes if I get any issues and it’s relieved.

Sherry, Moovlite User