Find an IMM teacher near you


Find an IMM teacher near you

Please find below a list of teachers who successfully completed the Fundamentals of the Integral Movement Method taught by Jeannie Di Bon in association with The Ehlers Danlos Society.


Jacqui Main, Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia


Jennifer Stacy, Registered massage therapist – Chilliwack, Canada


Ike Sevenich, Physiotherapist /– Einighausen, Netherlands


Clarice Liu, Movement coach specializing in working with hypermobile artistic athletes |– Singapore

Pooja Verma , Physioasia Therapy Centre
/ – Singapore

United Kingdom

Adele Lidderdale, Yoga and Pilates Teacher /
– Kirkwall, Orkney, UK

Suzie Cummins , Rehab Pilates and Functional Movement Teacher
Pilates and Functional Movement with Suzie /
– Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK

Annabel Hawker, Physiotherapist – London, UK

Jane Garrett, Yoga teacher and well-being coach – Herne Bay, Kent, UK

Karen-Anne Manghan, Pilates instructor – Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Katya Gleeson, Katya Gleeson Pilates / – East Sussex, UK

Beth Redfern Pilates + Movement Therapy / – Bishops Stortford, Chelmsford, UK

Ruth Tilleray, DMTT dru yoga teacher – Hockley, Essex, UK

Sarah Tustain, Hypermobility Specialist and Movement Therapist | – Kinver, Stourbridge, UK

Wendy Walsh, Pilates & Clinical Pilates – St Albans, Herts, UK


Ashley Baker, Physical therapist
503-893-9157 | – Portland, USA

Monet Cruz, / – Burlington, Vermont, USA

Nicole Chuba, Certified Yoga Teacher
Movement by Nicole / – virtual / online, USA

Brittany Gurgel, Physical Therapist/physiotherapist – Portland, USA

Colleen Camenisch, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapist – Reno, USA

Laura Jacobs, Physical Therapist – Pennsylvania, USA

Trish Martin, PT, DPT, Specialising in Hypermobility Disorders and Dysautonomia
Dr. Phillips Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation at the Dr. Phillips YMCA, Orlando, Florida, UK

Becky McConnell, PT, IMT.C
Metamorphosis Physical and Integrative Manual Therapy LLC
– Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002, USA

Morgan Panzer, Physical Therapist / – Washington, DC, USA

Susan Rankin, Core Pilates / – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Christina Thomas, One. Physical Therapy.Fitness.Wellness / – Annapolis, MD 21403, USA

Lori Winslow, Pilates instructor – California, USA

Miho Snyder, Physical Therapist / – California, USA

Nicole Sheldrake, Pilates Instructor / – Washington State, USA

Danielle Vaccaro, Exercise Physiologist & 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher | – Virtual/Online, USA