Find an IMM teacher near you


Find an IMM teacher near you

Please find below a list of teachers who successfully completed the Fundamentals of the Integral Movement Method taught by Jeannie Di Bon in association with The Ehlers Danlos Society.


Jacqui Main, Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia


Jennifer Stacy, Registered massage therapist – Chilliwack, Canada


Ike Sevenich, Physiotherapist /– Einighausen, Netherlands


Clarice Liu, Movement coach specializing in working with hypermobile artistic athletes – Singapore

United Kingdom

Adele Lidderdale, Yoga and Pilates Teacher /
– Kirkwall, Orkney, UK

Annabel Hawker, Physiotherapist – London, UK

Jane Garrett, Yoga teacher and well-being coach – Herne Bay, Kent, UK

Karen-Anne Manghan, Pilates instructor – Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Ruth Tilleray, DMTT dru yoga teacher – Hockley, Essex, UK

Wendy Walsh, Pilates & Clinical Pilates – St Albans, Herts, UK


Ashley Baker, Physical therapist – Portland, USA

Brittany Gurgel, Physical Therapist/physiotherapist – Portland, USA

Colleen Camenisch, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapist – Reno, USA

Laura Jacobs, Physical Therapist – Pennsylvania, USA

Lori Winslow, Pilates instructor – California, USA

Miho Snyder, Physical Therapist / – California, USA

Nicole Sheldrake, Pilates Instructor / – Washington State, USA