Come visit me in South West London or Central London for a range of 1:1 training sessions, small group classes, workshops and retreats. 

Alongside my fully equipped Wimbledon Studio, I offer bespoke, private classes at Moss Pilates in Kings Cross, the UK’s centre for Polestar Pilates.  All classes are tailored to your requirements and in a choice of locations that work for you.

I have specialist experience and expertise working with specific needs including pain management, low back pain care, Pilates for hyerpmobility, post-surgery, injury rehabilitation and overall wellness.

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Pilates is a versatile, safe method for first-time exercisers or those returning to exercise.

As such, Pilates is ideal for rehabilitation from injury, pain or long-term illness. With my in-depth background in hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and chronic pain, I’ve been able to work with clients to successfully find solutions to manage and alleviate pain.

Every client who joins my unique programme will receive:

  • A full lifestyle analysis, where we delve deep into routines, balance, nutrition and current exercise practice.
  • A static and dynamic posture analysis will determine the type of programme you specifically need – a truly personalised and adaptable approach to your health and well being.
  • Teachings on conscious breathing and meditation techniques that improves sleep quality and restfulness.

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Personal Training

Every body is unique, therefore every exercise should be too.

The private classes and personal training that I offer are bespoke to your body, and your needs. Your requirements guide my teaching, as classes are tailored to individuals. They will be arranged by appointment at a time that works for you, using a method that works for your body, whether that’s machine or mat-based classes.

I’ve created individualised programmes for specific conditions, having worked side-by-side with medical professionals for many years on rehabilitation from injury for those with hypermobility, as well as long-term pain sufferers.

Every client who enrols in personal training with me will receive:

  • A thorough health assessment to establish where you’re currently at, and what you need to work on.
  • Functional movement and resistance training.
  • Cardio-respiratory training.

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Nutritional Assessment

Sometimes we need to take a step back and really look at our health and lifestyle choices – and that’s why I offer Nutritional Assessments.

Food is more than fuel – it has an impact at cellular level.  It’s not about how many calories we eat, but rather what the content of those calories is, and what effect are they having on our bodies.

Every client who signs up for a Nutritional Assessment will receive:

  • A one-to-one consultation to analyse your current diet and lifestyle, to identify triggers for imbalances and health issues now and in the future.
  • A detailed report and follow up come with every assessment.

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Pain-Away Retreats & Days

The right environment changes how you feel.

If you are supported, inspired, and surrounded by calm, it can completely revolutionise your mindset.

My 1-day and 3-day retreats provide an opportunity to explore your body and mind in a truly supportive and inspiring environment; to discover your true potential physically and mentally. To nourish yourself with the very best nature can offer, and rest yourself away from the noise of today’s lifestyles.

The retreats accesses every aspect of wellbeing including:

Movement – expert support to improve your movement and posture

Nourish – Delicious, organic meals provided to nourish your body

Connection – Workshops for your mind that help you achieve mindfulness, complimenting the reflective, inspiring atmosphere of the retreat

Sleep – A tailored sleep programme to restore your energy

I invite you to join me for one my Pain-Away Days or Residential Retreats – register your interest here to find out more.