Hi, I’m Jeannie

I’m a Pilates & Personal Wellness Coach, Author of Pilates Without Tears, and the Founder of the successful boutique studio Create+ in London, UK. I work with clients around the world to devise movement, mindset and nutritional solutions aimed to maximise their potential and wellbeing.

Since 2006, I’ve been on a personal wellness journey – I was a chronic pain sufferer and experienced three episodes of pneumonia that have left me with a lifelong lung condition. These major events, together with a series of ongoing and troublesome small health issues – brain fog, tiredness, migraines, IBS and dry skin – that I had accepted as ‘normal’, led me to embark on a total review of my lifestyle. I decided to take back control of my health. I researched and qualified in Pilates, rehabilitation, anatomy and nutrition. I saw there was a definite relationship between movement and mindset – but also the food that I ate and the sleep I got. Each one of these elements wholly impacts the other three.

I used this method to turn my life around and felt so passionate and excited about it that I wanted to share it with others. I developed the Create System. My aim – for my clients to feel great, energised, confident and in control.



Welcome to my Create System – a unique and revolutionary approach to whole body health.  It’s a way to really connect with your mind and body – it goes beyond an exercise or diet programme. It’s all about control, knowledge, education and strength from within.  You will follow it and know it intellectually, but more importantly you will FEEL it.  Your body will feel it – it will tune in to its own natural resources and intelligence.  It’s about who you really are and who you want to be.

Scroll down to discover how the Create System can help you achieve the levels of vitality, energy and health that go way beyond the surface.  

Let’s start exploring how the four distinct areas that together make up the Create System need to be working together to unleash our full potential and wellbeing.


I have been teaching Pilates since 2008, having trained – among other organisations – with the internationally recognised leader of rehabilitation-based Pilates, Polestar Pilates. I am a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and regularly attend their international conferences.

My Pilates business has grown over the years allowing me to fulfil my long-held dream of establishing a world class practice, when I opened Create+ in London in 2013.

I now teach classes and one-to-one sessions at the studio, supported by an outstanding team. My passion and expertise have led me to focus on rehabilitation from injury, surgery and illness, in addition to working on optimal performance techniques for sports people. I work alongside leading medical professionals regularly.

Over the years, I have explored many aspects of movement and different philosophies including yoga, in-depth anatomy and gait therapy. I have brought these aspects together to develop my own method – the Integral Movement Method. It allows clients to experience a deep connection between mind and body, feeling revitalised, engaged, balanced and energised.


The body and mind are wholly interconnected. Over the years of teaching movement, it became apparent that without the mind’s full and willing participation, movement would be inhibited or restricted. I had to work on the mind if I was to release the full potential of the body. Whether illness, injury or athletic performance, there is always an interaction between mind and body.

The Integral Movement Method marries and reawakens this connection with friendly and approachable techniques.

This is crucial to whole body health. A healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. Toxic and negative thoughts have a negative impact on our bodies. We need to maximise our potential to achieve a positive state of mind. This goes beyond mindfulness – it becomes who we are every day.


Everything we eat, think, breathe or do can affect us at a cellular level, directly or indirectly. Food is our fuel that impacts everything – mindset, movement, health. If we bring toxicity and inflammation into our systems through food, drink and environment, no amount of movement will change us. It needs to be a whole body approach for real, lasting change. It is not about giving you a recipe book, but empowering you with the knowledge for you to make the right choices. My coaching will give you all the tools you need.


With our busy lifestyles, time to rest and restore the body and mind are often seen as a luxury. It needs to be far from a luxury and more of an essential to our wellbeing and longevity. Rest is crucial to how our mind and body feels every day. It gives us time to simply ‘be’.

Sleep is one element of rest. Lack of sleep has been connected to a range of serious health issues. On a short-term scale, you could feel irritable, experience forgetfulness and headaches. In the long term, it has been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Making sleep a priority is our whole body health priority. The body cannot function optimally without it.

The Create System involves conscious breathing and sleep-focused movement – both are ideal preparation for your body to sleep well. By promoting relaxation and the release of muscles tension, together with the ability to relieve stress and anxiety, the Create System quietens the mind allowing true rest and restoration.

the create system

Movement + Mindset + Menu + Sleep =
Health, Vitality and Strength