EDS & Hypermobility

Welcome. If you have received an EDS diagnosis, think you may have EDS or have unexplained symptoms and are trying to work out what’s going on, you’re in the right place. You need to work at your own pace which is why there are a range of ways for you to work with me. If you want to learn more, read my blog about Living with EDS and hypermobility.

If you have an existing EDS diagnosis, you may well have spent many frustrating years living with pain and failing to find an effective solution. That’s why I developed the Integral Movement Method (IMM) which I’ve used to help hundreds of clients in my clinic. It’s proven effective through research backed up by clinical evidence. A research study was conducted in 2018 with almost 700 patients with hypermobility, which resulted in a published abstract in 2021 that demonstrated the efficacy of the IMM for those with hypermobility. Two research papers will be published in 2024.
Where to start: As someone who has been on this journey for some time, I’d advise downloading The Zebra Club app. Thousands have used the IMM via the app to manage and improve their pain levels.

If you’re newly diagnosed, I suspect you’re feeling anxious, even fearful. I want to welcome you to a community of people who are managing their pain and living life to the full.

Where to start: If you’re looking to do some research, my books Hypermobility Without Tears and Pilates Without Tears give you step by step exercises to help you manage pain and learn to move without fear. If you want to dip your toe, look at my short online course Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core. If you want to move towards a long-term lifestyle solution, download The Zebra Club app.

If you’re suffering from pain, searching for answers and trying to work out what to do next, let’s take things step by step.
Where to start: Take a look at Living with EDS and hypermobility and what you should do next if you suspect this is what is causing your pain. As you wait for a confirmed diagnosis, you can still move forward – my books Hypermobility Without Tears and Pilates Without Tears give you step by step exercises to help you manage pain and learn to move without fear. You can also safely follow my short course Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core or my movement programme in The Zebra Club app. These are designed to ease your symptoms and they are safe for you whether you have EDS or not.

The Zebra Club APP

Hypermobility safe, affordable and effective movement, education and community in the comfort of your own home.

This Zebra Club app is a programme based on the Integral Movement Method. In this programme I will carefully guide you through safe exercises to manage your pain.

This app is designed for you whatever your level of pain. My Integrated Movement Method uses a combination of movement therapy and neuroscience to encourage relaxation and softness before moving onto strengthening. I’ve seen it work for thousands of people who have either worked with me in person or online. It can work for you.

The Zebra Club has been assessed and approved by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) – the world’s number one technology provider for delivering safe digital health.

Launching Soon

Looking to work with Jeannie? The Zebra Club Intensive Course will be launching soon. Register your interest in joining this comprehensive EDS / HSD coaching program here. This course will offer to opportunity to work closely with Jeannie through online weekly live coaching sessions in a small group environment over a set number of weeks.

Launching very soon – be sure to register now and be one of the first in line. Places are limited to ensure Jeannie can spend time with everyone.

Jeannie’s approach to treating Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder is the only thing that has helped with my pain - and I’ve tried a lot of treatments. It doesn’t work overnight but you wouldn’t expect it to. I have been doing it for several months and my pain is definitely finally reducing. The Zebra Club exercise classes are great as they are all sorts of levels, targeting different things and of varying lengths so you can really focus on what you need.

J Vinall

online course

Strengthen your Hypermobile Core

Some 10-25% of individuals have some degree of joint hypermobility and for many it’s not just about being bendy – it can disrupt your day-to-day life in many ways you may have come to accept as ‘normal’.

Do you experience pain, fatigue, repeated soft tissue injuries or digestive issues? Does the thought of movement and exercise cause you anxiety and fear? Let me help you develop a strong, stable body in a healthy, safe way.

On this course, I demonstrate and explain every exercise, including ‘watch for’ points for the hypermobile body. You can work from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. When these exercises are practised regularly, your strength and stamina will grow.

You will:

  • Learn more about a safe and effective movement programme
  • Look at six key areas that are essential for a healthy hypermobile body and mind: Breath, Relaxation, Proprioception, Stability, Balance, Posture.
  • Build confidence and learn to enjoy exercise
  • Be coached by someone who can relate to your challenges
  • Strengthen your core and feel stronger every day

Hypermobility without Tears

Moving Pain-Free with Hypermobility and EDS

My second book is a step-by-step guide to help people with hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome learn to move pain-free and effortlessly. Learn how to move without fear, building confidence for everyday activities.

The book covers my six key principles of pain-free movement for the hypermobile body – breath, relaxation, proprioception, stability, balance and posture and comes complete with detailed exercises.

A great book which provides clear advice and just keeps you going…. There is hope for all hypermobil bodies I didn’t appreciate how tense I held every muscle until I read this book now I try to relax at every opportunity and its really working.

jlbenefield, review from amazon

This is such a great read for anybody who loves to teach or just practices pilates and is ready to delve deeper into their own bodies and how they can work with more freedom. So easy to digest and some great exercises to help demonstrate the theory. Highly recommend.

amazon customer

Pilates without Tears

A 5-step no pain, no strain strategy to move and feel great.

This is not a Pilates ‘recipe’ book – it is an education tool for your body. This book draws on my bespoke Integral Movement Method (IMM) and the benefits it can bring to everyone – from those suffering from chronic pain to professional athletes. The book takes you through a series of exercises and learnings designed to help you move with ease, without pain.

Embrace a life of pain-free movement.