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EDS & Hypermobility

If you have received an EDS diagnosis, think you may have EDS or have unexplained symptoms and are trying to work out what’s going on, you’re in the right place. You need to work at your own pace which is why there are a range of ways for you to work with me.

The Zebra Club APP

Hypermobility safe, affordable and effective movement, education and community in the comfort of your own home.

This is the first program that has actually helped. I’ve been doing it consistently for about 6 weeks and I feel stronger, more in tune with my body and have fewer subluxations which I didn’t think was possible.

JS, The Zebra Club member

Reframe — a 12-week online program

You may not have hypermobility but still have back pain. I trained as a back pain specialist in 2009 and over the years I have worked with many back pain patients who do not have hypermobility. You can have back pain for any number of reasons and my Integrated Movement Method (IMM) can help you too. This course is designed for you whatever your level of pain. My IMM uses a combination of movement therapy and neuroscience to encourage relaxation and softness before moving onto strengthening. I’ve seen it work for the clients and patients who have either worked with me in person or online. It can work for you.

When traditional Physical Therapy and pain management treatments were not working for my chronic back pain, I was fearful (and skeptical) about trying an online movement program. Not only has Moovlite helped me to better manage my chronic pain, it has taught me how to safely start moving again and given me the confidence to get back to activities I had been avoiding!

Jill, Moovlite participant

The Zebrastrong Blog

Managing your pain starts with learning what works for you, your body and your lifestyle. That’s why my blog is about more than techniques for managing pain. Here you’ll also find strategies for coping with the emotional and social aspects too.

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The EDS Diet by Lorna Ryan

The EDS Diet by Lorna Ryan

We all consume food and exist in a world where opinion and advice on diet is freely shared. The public is pleased to share tips. Family wishes to impart wisdom. Professional patients keen to share their n=1. Healthcare professionals sometimes slide out of scope to offer recommendations. And no more so than in the niche arena of Hypermobility & Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

Rib subluxations are common in hypermobility

I know it can be a common thing in hypermobility and it is very painful. It can make us anxious about exercising as we fear a subluxation. Some people have even been told by some medical professionals that a rib subluxation is physically impossible – but I think if you have hypermobility you may disagree with this.

Rib subluxations are common in hypermobility
Sleeping with hypermobility: A comprehensive guide

Sleeping with hypermobility: A comprehensive guide

Whilst much of the discussion around hypermobility and EDS focuses on movement, a common source of anxiety, frustration and stress for those living with such conditions comes from the other half of our lives – sleep.

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