The EDS Diet by Lorna Ryan

We all consume food and exist in a world where opinion and advice on diet is freely shared. The public is pleased to share tips. Family wishes to impart wisdom. Professional patients keen to share their n=1. Healthcare professionals sometimes slide out of scope to offer recommendations. And no more so than in the niche arena of Hypermobility & Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

Sleeping with hypermobility: A comprehensive guide

Whilst much of the discussion around hypermobility and EDS focuses on movement, a common source of anxiety, frustration and stress for those living with such conditions comes from the other half of our lives – sleep.

What is Self-Compassion and why is it so important?

Self-compassion has been studied in various contexts in a wide range of populations and is linked with positive mental health consistently.

Headaches in Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

Discover the link between Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and headaches. Learn about causes, such as upper cervical instability, and find effective treatment strategies.

Navigating Menopause with Hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

When I hit the menopause or rather it hit me, my life changed dramatically. I had been managing my hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos symptoms pretty well until then.

Relationships and Chronic Pain

I recently did a post about pain management. Someone raised the question on the post of ‘how can I communicate my pain to my partner effectively?’

Chronic Illness Exercise – Do you mourn your previous regime?

What’s your relationship with exercise? Has it changed over the years? Did a chronic illness diagnosis change your approach?

The Lonely Chronic Illness Life

Living with a chronic illness can sometimes be lonely. It can be difficult for friends and family to really understand how we are feeling and why we don’t ‘get better’. It drives me crazy when people say ‘you just need a good night sleep’ – like it’s a miracle cure.

What people don’t see when you live with a chronic illness

What’s it like when you go out out – if you do go out out? Is there a lot of preparation and organisation involved? I have friends who don’t have EDS or chronic illness. They fill their weekends with activities from morning till night – doing multiple things in one day. And they don’t seem that tired.

Living with Ehlers-Danlos – A Life in Two Halves

Like many of us, I used to see my life in two halves. Pre motherhood, I lived with symptoms on a daily basis like muscular pain, daily migraines, digestive issues (diagnosed as IBS aged 12). I thought everyone had issues every day.