Finding Your Range Hypermobility Podcast : Season 1 Overview


by Jeannie di Bon, July 18th, 2021

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Huge thank you to

Gary Ward – we discussed the implications for a hypermobile foot,
Ana Barrextgueren – who shared her beautiful understanding of the importance of breath,
Julian Baker – in his own unique style, he shed light on fascia and why we shouldn’t stretch or train our cores.
Dr Jessica Eccles – with her mind-blowing insights into hypermobility and anxiety, fatigue and neurodiversity.
I met with experts who also have EDS like Bonnie Nasar, a dietician, and Natalie Eyre, a CBT therapist. Both use their own personal experiences to help others.

The amazing stories from our guest expert patients covered long diagnosis journeys, mast cell activation reality, exercise truths, the best management tools plus special episodes on men with EDS and being a teenager with EDS.

When I started the Podcast, I wanted to ‘listen to the hoofbeats’ and bring discussion around the reality of living with this condition. I believe we have certainly listened to the hoofbeats. But there are more to listen to and importantly to change how we are listened to. Every person I interviewed had a different journey to diagnosis, but with the exception of two people who were diagnosed as children, the journey was very long, very painful and very frustrating. So, although every case was different, there were striking similarities with everyone. This must change.

Season 2 will be back in the Autumn – we’ve listened to the hoofbeats, but now how do we change them? Stay tuned for new episodes coming soon.

If you missed any of Season 1, please head over to my the playlist where you can view all 16 episodes.

Thank you for your support of this Podcast. I’ve had great feedback and comments. Let me know any guests you would like to see.

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