Yes to Self-Care! Be A Little Selfish


by Jeannie di Bon, July 8th, 2020

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For me it’s taking time out – without feeling guilty about it. (Oh, how I used to feel guilty for not ‘doing’ enough). I’ve become a little selfish with myself. I take time out during the day even when I have a long To Do list. I find my sense of peace and connection through movement, breathwork, meditation and being in nature. Get me to the sea or the mountains and let me breathe.

Can we reframe our mindset? Can we not beat ourselves up when maybe we are fatigued or unable to do everything on the To Do list. Let’s remind ourselves that our body is doing everything it can to help us. It’s a pretty amazing thing.

Changing our perspective can be a really powerful game changer. We don’t have a ‘dysfunctional’ (I hate the word BTW) body. Our body and mind are intelligent, sensitive and adaptable. Telling someone they have a dysfunction is not a useful or helpful thing to say. Your Body and Mind will change and create patterns to help you keep going. These patterns will depend on the physical and emotional stresses you put through the system. Now those patterns might not always be serving us so well. And that’s where we can make the change. Change the pattern and create new ones. Make new ones that serve you well.

What will you do today to give yourself a well-deserved hug and care?

Whatever it is, enjoy.

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