EDS UK Community Champion Award Winner


by Jeannie Di Bon, February 17th, 2022

EDS UK Community Champion Award Winner

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute I’m super proud and delighted to receive the Community Champion Award fromy Ehlers-Danlos Support UK. Thank you to Anne Lavery and Nikki Casey Eds for a lovely day when I was presented with my award.

I was presented with the Community Champion Award for my work in the Hypermobile community. I literally cried when I was told I was going to receive this award as it means so much to me.

My work in the community – be it online clssses, via Zoom, face to face sessions, books or podcasts, is driven by my passion about helping others. As many of you know, I have hEDS, CFS, MCAS and POTS. It took me 36 years of fear, frustration, anxiety and sadness to get there. If I can make anyones journey a little easier, I will try.

Huge thanks to EDS UK and everyone who nominated me. Here’s what EDS UK said about the award :
“Through the lockdown periods, Jeannie delivered many pilates sessions via Zoom for our members and allowed us to record these so that members would be able to use them time and time again, making them accessible to all of our members. We are thrilled that Jeannie has accepted one of our Community Champion Awards as she has made supporting people with hEDS her life mission.

We were especially excited that the award was presented to her by Anne Lavery, our Central and North London volunteer of eight years, and someone who has benefitted from Jeannie’s expertise and support over the years:

“I’m so pleased to be able to present this award to Jeannie. I know from personal experience what a skilled practitioner she is and how well she understands the challenges those of us with EDS face in stabilising our ligaments and building up strength. She gave me exercises that got muscles in my back working that I hadn’t been able to activate in years.”

Thank you all 🙏🏻. I am so very grateful and honoured.

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