My gift to you in these unprecedented times


by Jeannie Di Bon, March 21st, 2020

My gift to you in these unprecedented times

Keep Moving with me for free – in your own home. These are unprecedented times. Who would have thought we would be living in almost total isolation. Our gyms, Pilates classes and physiotherapy clinics are closing until further notice. And yet, we know that we need to keep moving.

Movement can have a profound impact on your physical and mental health. If you have a condition like EDS or chronic pain, keeping muscle tone and joint stability is going to be crucial. The news hitting us each day will be having an impact on our nervous system too. We are drawn into our sympathetic nervous system as opposed to our rest and restore position in the parasympathetic system. Movement and breathwork can bring you back to your rest and restore which is vital in difficult times.

That’s why I have decided to gift my resource – Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core – my successful online home exercise programme FOR FREE until 30 June 2020. The exercises are designed and modified for people with hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Please SHARE this information with your friends, family and anyone you feel could benefit from a safe and effective home exercise routine.

SHARE the hashtag #keepmoving.

To claim your free course, simply visit the following link:

Following the steps to create an account. When you reach the checkout, enter the following coupon code into the box: keepmoving. You will gain access to the course for free and it is yours to keep.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon!

Lets keep moving together! And remember to SHARE this news with your community.



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Maria McGouran - 24th April 2020

Hi Jeannie,
I just wanted to express my appreciation for this free course. I was diagnosed with hEDS a year ago and I’m finding the Zebra Club extremely informative and effective! I will be reading your two books when they’re delivered and would like to see you for a few sessions when everything gets back to normal. Keep healthy, happy and safe.


    Jeannie Di Bon - 8th July 2020

    You are welcome.


Jeannie Di Bon - 7th April 2020

We’ve had over 6000 zebras sign up for the course – it is available totally free until 30 June 2020. You need to head over to my Products, hit Strengthen Hypermobile Core, create an account and at the checkout box enter the code keepmoving. Then it’s all yours – forever!


Juliane Bärwaldt - 1st April 2020

Wow, that’s a wonferful gift!


judith bell - 29th March 2020

I look forward to trying your program. I believe I have EDS. I have bilateral hip labral tears and my hip joint keeps buckling on both sides. My pelvis is rotated to the right. I also have DDD with 2 artificial discs in both cervical and lumbar spine. I had knee arthroscopy in December and have a stiff knee. Exercise has been challenging to say the least since my issues began in 2012. Thank you!


Emily Fry - 23rd March 2020

Hi Jeannie – I’d been meaning to get in touch before all this kicked off, Louise Hogan who was on the polestar comp. course with me in Bristol recommended you to me many times. I haven’t been diagnosed with EDS (I have actually been in the queue for a rheumatology assessment for 6 months now), expect just hypermobile in most of my joints, some to quite a range. I saw your Instagram post about the ‘strengthen my hypermobile core’ course offer, and I’m very keen to try it, but i think either the website link is broken or my work-laptop is refusing to let me near it (company filtering maybe?). Are you aware of any website issues, or is it just me?

Nice to ‘meet’ you anyway, i had been meaning to approach you for a 1:.1, so hopefully we may meet properly in future.


Kind regards
Fry (my name is Emily Fry, but I have the polestar trainers and course-mates calling me Fry, like all my friends do 🙂 )