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Managing your pain starts with learning what works for you, your body and your lifestyle. That’s why my blog is about more than techniques for managing pain. Here you’ll also find strategies for coping with the emotional and social aspects too.

Feeling Accepted With A Chronic Illness

When I attended my first EDS The Ehlers-Danlos Society conference in Las Vegas in 2017, around 50% of my clients had EDS and hypermobility with pain. I was kindly invited to speak by Lara Bloom CEO of The EDS Society.  I had just released the first online hypermobility course, Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core.

The truth about exercising with hypermobility and Ehlers Danlos

What does the word Exercise mean for you? Does it fill you with dread and anxiety? It is time that narrative changed for the community?

Hypermobility Rib Subluxation – Ideas for Prevention

I know it can be a common thing in hypermobility and it is very painful. It can make us anxious about exercising as we fear a subluxation. Some people have even been told by some medical professionals that a rib subluxation is physically impossible – but I think if you have hypermobility you may disagree with this.

Finding your range season 1 sum up – hypermobility podcast

Season 1 of this dedicated hypermobility podcast has ended, but we will be back in the Autumn with more amazing and inspiring guests. This was my first attempt at a Podcast, and I have absolutely loved every minute of it. I have had the privilege to interview zebras and experts at the top of their game.

If you have hypermobility, pillow struggle is a real thing

Pillow struggle is a thing. Is there the perfect pillow to hypermobile necks that will help prevent neck and shoulder pain? This is the number one non-movement related question I get emails and questions about.

Soft is the new strong in hypermobility

Soft is the new strong. This seems the total wrong thing – when we feel loose and disjointed, surely we should be bracing to hold it all together. I discovered that led to more pain and fatigue. So I went soft.

The Impact of Hypermobile Knees

Hyperextension of the knees in hypermobility is common. I used the adopt the strangest of standing postures from simple knee locking to crossing one leg over the other or actually wrapping one leg around the other one.

Pelvic Floor Health in Hypermobility

Pelvic floor function in hypermobility is a big topic. Leave me a comment below if you have ever had issues with your pelvic floor tissues. It comes up a great deal with my clients. Many hypermobile people experience a hypertonic pelvic floor with often debilitating symptoms. Both women and men.

What to do with Hypermobile Elbow Joints?

Hypermobile Elbow Joints: why do the elbows hyperextend? Have you noticed how you pick something up. Do you lift from a locked elbow position or from your back? Do your elbows lock when you do a four-point kneeling position or plank pose?

Returning to Health – Our Personal Virus Experience in 2020

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for everyone on so many levels. With a history of pneumonia and bronchiectasis I was naturally worried about catching the virus. When things became serious in the UK, my family practised strict isolation. We limited our visits to the supermarket, we washed our hands constantly and carried hand sanitiser when we did go out. We even left our post for 2 days before opening it to limit any exposure.