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Managing your pain starts with learning what works for you, your body and your lifestyle. That’s why my blog is about more than techniques for managing pain. Here you’ll also find strategies for coping with the emotional and social aspects too.

The Impact of Hypermobile Knees

Hyperextension of the knees in hypermobility is common. I used the adopt the strangest of standing postures from simple knee locking to crossing one leg over the other or actually wrapping one leg around the other one.

Pelvic Floor Health in Hypermobility

The pelvic floor can often try to act as a trunk stabiliser all the time. This leads to tightness not just in the pelvic floor but with all it’s close relations like the hip, low back and abs. In turn this presents as tightness and pain. Recent research from Australia has shown a tight pelvic floor can lead to SI joint issues, which makes perfect sense due to its intimate connection.

What to do with Hypermobile Elbow Joints?

Hypermobile Elbow Joints: why do the elbows hyperextend? Have you noticed how you pick something up. Do you lift from a locked elbow position or from your back? Do your elbows lock when you do a four-point kneeling position or plank pose?

Returning to Health – Our Personal Virus Experience in 2020

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for everyone on so many levels. With a history of pneumonia and bronchiectasis I was naturally worried about catching the virus. When things became serious in the UK, my family practised strict isolation. We limited our visits to the supermarket, we washed our hands constantly and carried hand sanitiser when we did go out. We even left our post for 2 days before opening it to limit any exposure.

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Join my new podcast – Finding Your Range. Hypermobility and Chronic Pain Uncovered.

I never imagined I would be speaking openly on social media and interviews about my pelvic floor history or recurrent UTIs due to mast cell activation. My upbringing was such that certain things are private and definitely not a topic of conversation. And yet here I am. The reality is this is what life can be like with a condition like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Am I Doing This Exercise Right? Progress Not Perfection Wins Every Time.

We’ve probably all ventured into the previously unknown world of online exercise during these unusual times. When our regular gym or Pilates classes closed (or still remain closed), if you wanted to stay healthy and exercise safely you probably turned to YouTube for inspiration. Or maybe you became a regular on Zoom with your regular teacher.

The Neglected Stress Impact of a Chronic Illness

“Psychological factors can trigger a breathing pattern that might be appropriate to an emergency situation, when no such emergency exists”. This is an extract from a book on breathing pattern disorders. I became so interested in breathing patterns the more I worked with our hypermobile community. It’s now a passion of mine and it is why breathing is the number one principle in my Integral Movement Method for Hypermobility. Breathing comes first. Movement second.

Core Strength In Hypermobility

If you have hypermobility, chances are someone has told you that you need to strengthen your ‘core’. This generally involves exercises like sit ups, superman, plank and wall squats. Hands up whose been given these as part of a ‘core’ programme?

Fix Your Hypermobile Neck Pain

Thank you all for your interest in my Neck Pain Webinar. I’m delighted to open up registration for this webinar today to explore neck and upper back pain in the Hypermobile community. I’m running the webinar three times on the 22nd July. I wanted to reach as many people as possible in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.