Pillow struggle is a thing. Is there the perfect pillow to hypermobile necks that will help prevent neck and shoulder pain? This is the number one non-movement related question I get emails and questions about.

Personally, I’ve tried so many different pillows. I have soft pillows, moulded shaped pillows, orthopaedic v-shape pillows and my latest is a buckwheat pillow. I think I’ve found a winner!

I’m not selling or endorsing buckwheat pillows, but I thought this might be useful info to share. A fellow zebra and client of mine was given a tip from another zebra about buckwheat pillows. I’d never heard of them but decided to give it a go. I’m a couple of months in and have zero morning neck pain.

I realised the difference. The buckwheat is more solid and yet adaptable, it moulds to your head creating a 360-degree support. It allows the release of neck muscles into this support and the weight of the head to relax. I know understand that even at sleep, I was guarding my very mobile neck and not allowing the muscles to relax. When I woke every morning, my neck would feel understandably stiff and uncomfortable. This pillow seems to have helped with this .

I’d love to hear your pillow struggles. Is it a thing for you too? What’s your best pillow advice?

If you’d like to watch my short video – here’s the link

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