Small Steps – Hypermobility and Sleep

Whilst much of the discussion around hypermobility and EDS focuses on movement, a common source of anxiety, frustration and stress for those living with such conditions comes from the other half of our lives – sleep.

Small steps: discovering movement when you live with chronic pain

Encouraging someone who lives with chronic pain to ‘get moving’ could sound like a misguided, insensitive piece of advice. However, throughout my years as a professional Pilates and movement coach (not to mention during my years of ill health) I’ve seen time and again the impact that the right movement can have when it comes alleviating the symptoms of chronic pain.

Finding Solutions Through Movement – Pilates & Hypermobility

In my time as a professional Pilates instructor and wellness coach, I’ve come across countless people who have lived for years with undiagnosed joint pain and movement issues. Helping them understand what hypermobility is and how it might be causing their varying levels of discomfort, as well as introducing them to exercises that can make a life-changing difference, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

That is the question! And it is a question I get asked a great deal by clients.

The Search for Stability – Is Flexibility Really a Bonus?

I found this photo of me in an old album dated circa 1978. Yes, we actually had albums where we had photos printed in a shop and then stuck them in a book! Luckily, no major seventies fashion or hair mishaps but I was immediately drawn to my hyperextended left knee.